Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


Now, let us talk about what is happening in your world. The world is in chaos and it will remain this way for some time; it is going to get worse, much worse. You have done as I have asked you, you have stepped back from the world. You and those of the Remnant who have done this are now experiencing closeness with Me, your Jesus as I have desired. Still you are all tired, trust Me and keep moving forward in my Name. Never mind if the world does not listen to you. As I have said, words are of little use now as there is little time left before I call all souls. Sadly many have yet to acknowledge Me. Which means The Warning will be difficult for many. And remember what I have told you, many will die during The Warning. It will be the shock of seeing the state their souls are in, they will be devastated at the sight of themselves.
Dear Children, Remnant of Mine please listen to Me, your prayers for the salvation of souls are the only thing that matter now. Yes Michele, and your love for Me, Jesus your Savior, of course. Pray for them, there is little time. I am in this with you to the end of evil. Much beauty and joy awaits you with My Father when the Heavens and Earth become one. We will finally be joined in peace.

Jesus Savior of the World
\”Stay strong fierce warriors.\” I want you to tell them that.

Interior Locution 3/14/2017
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary