Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Time Is Running Out

Michele war is coming soon, your country will know devastation it has never known. Pray for the Salvation of Souls, bring your petitions to me in prayer through the Rosary, carry on with Crusade Prayers. Many will be returning home to Jesus soon, others will not be so fortunate. The point is time is running […]

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There is but little time.

I have word for you Michele. It is not easy for you in these times, and all of you, the Remnant know this. The ones who need to understand the most, are the ones farthest from the truth. My truth is in the Gospel, many hear it and many do not listen. They, all too […]

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Prayers For The Martyrs

Michele, I am ready to speak to your soul, it is your heart and My heart that are one. I just wanted you to know the days are getting darker and we are edging closer to the more trying times. Your prayers for the martyrs to come will become more important with each passing day; […]

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