Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


I want you to know I fully understand how difficult this is, living in these times. And you are right, sometimes it is necessary to shut out the world and retreat to your interior life. Very few people, souls do this; spend time alone with Me and remain focused on your mission of Salvation. Few […]

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Be Ready For Anything

There is so much chatter among my Holy Remnant, over so many things that it is impossible for Me to clarify or straighten out any errors in interpretation. I know often times many come to you for these things. Avoid this when you can and I would say most often you do. Remind all My […]

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Behold Thy Mother

Jesus? Yes Michele, I have heard you pleas for knowledge, I am here with wisdom and word. You are right, I did request that My followers behold thy Mother and yes this meant I want you to love and honor her. I know it concerns you a great deal that many of those who follow […]

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