Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

From God and Mary

Dear Child, Know this, know that whatever I share with you it is for others too. Others need to know that the world is changing as we speak, it is changing very rapidly. It is becoming very wicked, where once it was a world filled with love it is now immersed in wickedness. As you […]

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The Children

What we would like to talk about is the children. There are two important ways to prepare God\’s children for the days to come. These days are evil in such a way as days have never been evil before. Our children need to be protected. First all families should pray the Seal of The Living […]

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I want to talk about love, love between Me and each soul. Love, real love is not an easy thing to attain in your world. Most people (souls) do not understand love, you discussed love in your book. Most people are too selfish, too ego driven to understand love. People who do not know me, […]

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