Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

From God and Mary

Dear Child,
Know this, know that whatever I share with you it is for others too. Others need to know that the world is changing as we speak, it is changing very rapidly.
It is becoming very wicked, where once it was a world filled with love it is now immersed in wickedness. As you read in your Holy Bible, you are not to fear,
there is no need to worry this will go very quickly. As you know you will want to keep your eyes fixed on My Beloved Son, Jesus your Savior, The Savior of the World. Speak of Him often, do not let people forget Jesus loves them.

God The Father
Interior Locution in Adoration following the Rosary
Michele Shannon

Michele Child,
I have the desire to speak with you. Jesus is speaking to my heart and telling me of His great love for you. He knows your struggles in the life of yours, that they are many. He knows that you have persevered, that you continue to carry a cross for Him. He wants to acknowledge that you carry it better than you ever have, you are more exhausted but you complain far less. You have matured in your spiritual journey and he is very proud to be your Savior. You express to Him Holy Love, He is smiling upon us now. He adds , He is very pleased with your open heart of love toward me your Mother Mary. When you go for rest tonight, rest upon this thought, your bold love for the both of us is being returned to you many times over, and peace abides in you and joy is ours eternal.

Mary, The Blessed Mother of Salvation
Additional Interior Locution in Adoration following the Rosary
Michele Shannon