Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Good Friday

Remnant, This is for My Dear Remnant, there is no joy in My suffering and as we relive these, My darkest moments I am consoled by the love of the Remnant Army; the last of My faithful, those who truly love Me. Never forget how much I love you; to not only die for you […]

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Rosary – Powerful Weapon

We want to talk about My Mother, Mother to us all. She is sad these days most assured, the darkness of your world creates a darkness that is hard for her to look upon. Souls are in dyer need of prayers, as you are aware. The Rosary is one of the Remnant\’s most powerful weapons. […]

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I want to talk to you Michele, today is about persecution. Many of my Remnant are dealing with persecution; many fully understand why this is happening to them, as you do. It is as you said as you spoke to them of this and it was the Holy Spirit that was leading you at that […]

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