Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


I want to talk to you Michele, today is about persecution. Many of my Remnant are dealing with persecution; many fully understand why this is happening to them, as you do. It is as you said as you spoke to them of this and it was the Holy Spirit that was leading you at that time. You talked about how those in the Remnant need to understand, \”You signed on for this (persecution).\”
This is part of being one of my Holy Remnant, yes fierce warriors of Mine. And yes you must remember to offer this sacrifice for Me, Jesus. When you do so many things happen; souls are saved, but also you are taken into my shoulder of protection. I will always draw you into my sacred heart. This is why it is important to accept assaults gracefully because if you do not, but instead lash out and retaliate then you immediately withdrawl or retreat from me; not what either of us want. We both know the one who desires this is the Spirit of Evil.
That is all, go My child share this and all My love with the Remnant, My Remnant.
You are My fierce warrior and the Light of God and all His Angels are the power that all who oppose you must reckon with.
The above was from Jesus

You my child, My little one are blessed and protected. Carry on the battle has only just begun. We need all prayer warriors to prepare for the greatest battle. Put on your armor and pray for the Salvation of Souls. And do not neglect prayer for those who persecute you.
Your loving Father – God The Most High

Interior Locution
Jesus/God to Michele Shannon
Following the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet w/ two hours in Adoration