Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Good Friday


This is for My Dear Remnant, there is no joy in My suffering and as we relive these, My darkest moments I am consoled by the love of the Remnant Army; the last of My faithful, those who truly love Me. Never forget how much I love you; to not only die for you but to suffer in such a way, to carry the cross which was the weight of the world. Now you carry this weight with Me, the burden of the knowledge of the sins of man in these last days. From here on out the darkness ensues. The darkness which is sin will bring forth the Anti-Christ. Truly it will be about choice, not all souls will choose Me, Jesus; not all will be with me in Paradise.

You my Remnant must pray your Rosary, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Crusade Prayers each day until my return, these are the weapons of fierce warriors of Mine. Remind them Michele, they do not need to be Catholic to pray these prayers. I am asking everyone to Repent and accept My Mercy. Catholics must go to Confession and attend Mass.

Thank you for coming today, yes of course Adoration is the best part of all, until I return. I love you My Dear Precious Remnant.

Your Jesus
Your Savior

Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary
(with instructions to release on Good Friday)