Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


I want to talk about love, love between Me and each soul. Love, real love is not an easy thing to attain in your world. Most people (souls) do not understand love, you discussed love in your book. Most people are too selfish, too ego driven to understand love. People who do not know me, do not love me, they do not understand love. I am love and Holy Love is or should be the goal. You speak of dysfunctional love, relationships that do not include me not only lack love but they lack light. The further one removes himself from Me the darker one becomes and therefore the darker their relationship.

Now having said this, the relationships where both are connected to My Sacred Heart can become corrupt when the Spirit of Evil is given a pathway. It is almost impossible to block him out, this is why couples must pray. Most often one of the two of them is \”spiritually weak\” and Satan will enter their love relationship through that soul. The stronger of the two must pray for that soul as long as they live; this is their assignment, this is love. Pray for them to truly find their way to my Sacred Heart and understanding Holy Love.

Yes, you are getting ahead of me with your thoughts it is as you wrote in your book. When one loves Me, Jesus then My light the Holy Spirit rises up in that soul and this love and light is given to others. When love is real the partner returns the Christ light, which is love back again. It is a never ending circle of love this is Holy Love, and Holy Love is the only love.

Love, Jesus

This Interior Locution came to me in adoration following praying the Rosary.
Michele Shannon