Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

There is but little time.

I have word for you Michele. It is not easy for you in these times, and all of you, the Remnant know this. The ones who need to understand the most, are the ones farthest from the truth. My truth is in the Gospel, many hear it and many do not listen. They, all too caught up in themselves, do not care to understand. What is needed is prayer, these souls are spiritually malnourished. You talk about the children who have not been prayed over, who grow up, souls with out love and protection; these are the dead souls who walk the earth, most certainly a call to prayer.

My Remnant need to get busy, you can not pray too much. Pray for the Salvation of souls, pray for your country, pray also for your special mission the martyrs to come. God will bless all My Remnant with many special graces. Do not get discouraged, those you love will be face to face with Me soon and know the state of their souls soon.

For My Remnant Confession and non Catholics, repentance; accept My Mercy children this brings glory to our Father in Heaven. I am with you always. I love you always. Remnant you must know our hearts are inter-twined; this brings Me both joy and peace as it should do the same for you. There is but little time, spend much of it in prayer.

That is all, thank you Michele.
Jesus Savior of the World

Interior Locution 11/19/2015
In Adoration following the Rosary
Jesus to Michele Shannon