Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Holy Thurs. 2017

This was at the evening Adoration before they took the Eucharist away at 12:00PM
for Good Friday. I remained with Jesus until they took him away.
As I completed the Rosary I prayed this prayer,
\”Pray for us on Holy Mother of God that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.\”

Jesus spoke to my soul:
My Child, I have come in order that many might be saved. You have prayed for the salvation of souls and because of your prayers and those of the Remnant many souls will be spared the agonies of Hell. While many do not believe that Hell exist, it is a very real place. Continue to pray for the salvation of souls each day as many more souls need conversion or they will fall into perdition. I died a terrible death which you will spend much of your day focused on tomorrow (Good Friday); the day set aside to honor Me and My Death on the Cross. It was such a dark day, the day the sins of the world were presented to my Father in such a way as never seen before. The sins no one should ever want to own, I took upon Myself to carry a very heavy cross. Continue to remain in much prayer and fasting until you return to Me your Jesus. Yes this message is for My Dear Remnant, thank you everyone of you for your love and support in this difficult time.

Follow in my way in these very trying days. Remember to send petitions to My Mother in prayer daily. Try to spend less of your time in distress over your world, and more of your time with your eyes fixed on Me. (At this point the Priest got up to remove the Eucharist from the Tabernacle).

Keep Me in your heart for safe keeping, while the world continues in wild chaos all around you. In this way you can maintain peace in a world all your own. In a world that belongs to just you and Me. That is all Michele, I am always with you. (Jesus said this as they were taking Him away.)

Interior Locution 4/13/2017
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary