Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


Let us begin, so much to say to My Most Holy Remnant. There are so many of you and I want to ask that My Holy Word be spread. You are now in these Holy Days of Lent. Many of you have received the ashes on your forehead. As Satan is making the final preparations to Mark his own. I was filled with great joy, placing this sign of your faith and love on each of My Followers. For many who are now aware of the times we are in, it was a powerful and profound moment. For My Sacred Servants who are waking from their slumber, it was powerful as well. Which was evident in the intensity of many of the ashes on the forehead such as your own Michele. Going forward the word I want to share with everyone is \”isolation.\” It is what I want to encourage all My Remnant to seek in these forty days of Lent. Seek time alone and spend it with Me. That is all Michele, I want to keep this message as clear and simple as possible.

Jesus Savior of the World
And remind them I love them very much.

Interior Locution 3/7/2017
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary