Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


Michele, I am ready to speak to you, there is much to say and little time; time is running out. There is barely time to convert more souls before The Warning, now time is better spent on prayers of conversion. Your prayers are more powerful than your words at this time. This is for all the Remnant, be sure to share this with them. I am tired and I know you are also, all of you. Now is, as in climbing a hill; you are nearing the top, exhausted, just a little farther to go. Take a deep breath and carry on, when you do this I will see to it that the Holy Spirit rises up in you. All My Remnant are so dear to Me, my love for you is deep enough that you should feel it flow freely with in your soul. I allow you to feel this love to bring you comfort in these difficult times. Your love and prayers bring Me comfort also.

The wickedness of your world overwhelms all My followers. Let this just spur you on, let this be the fuel that brings you to passionate prayer. Prayer needs to be passionate, as we make our assent up this hill. Know this, I am not at the top of the hill but rather I am with you, each step you take; I take it with you with love in My heart for you. The way you live through the mysteries of the Rosary with Me, in your journey I live your life with you. We will be together soon; in the mean time continue to pray, continue to love, continue to believe. Believe in Me, Jesus your Savior; Believe in Our Father, God the Most High; and the most Holy Spirit, the Advocate to sustain you in these troubled times.

That is all Michele,
Jesus Savior of the World

Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following 10 min. Repentance, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet