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Be Ever Mindful of Your Mission to Save Souls.

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Oh my Michele I love you. I just want you to know I love you. You do not know, you can not know the depth of My love for you. Look before you, (Crucifix, in Adoration) this is My love for you. Know that your sins are forgiven (following 10 minutes of Repentance) You are washed in My Blood, free from sin. I want this to bring you much peace. I am with you all your days, until the end of days. You and the Remnant shall be seated at the table when Heaven and Earth are joined together forming the New Jerusalem.

Be ever mindful of your mission to save souls and pray earnestly it is now when your prayers are most important as the Warning will soon be upon all souls.
Fear not for I am with you, I bring you peace and love. Know you and the Remnant bring me great joy at a time when there is so much darkness and sin and sorrow.

That is all Michele
Jesus Savior of the World

Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration,
Following the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
Note: While portions of this message are personal, it certainly applies to all the Remnant and those who walk with Jesus.

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