Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


Michele, I am here, this is Jesus. I am here and My heart is exposed.
(Michele: Oh, my dear Jesus the blood that was shed for man.)
Yes, as in the Divine Mercy Chaplet you are praying. Pray, pray more prayers, when you pray it is so beautiful. It is so clear to me that you do not understand either the power of your prayer or the magnitude of it\’s beauty. Your prayer comes to us in light forms, and with the pureness of heart it is extraordinary and beautiful. Continue to pray with the depth of your soul. Speak to My heart from your pure heart. Know that with every breath that you take and with each beat of your heart each prayer that is said dear child brings Me light that will bring forth everlasting joy and peace in My Sacred Heart.

Continue with your prayers, the Remnant now fully understand this mission. You must continue with the fire in your soul that is the Most Holy Spirit. Carry on Fierce Warriors, it is I your Jesus who leads you to the end. This is but a fleeting moment in time and it will go very swiftly. I will receive each of My Remnant into My Kingdom and there we will be for all eternity. It will not be easy but it will be worth waiting in the darkness, the darkest of days. Pray My Remnant pray, I will return to you. Keep this vigil strong, allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn in your heart, until you see My face, and the joy you have given Me in it.
That is all.

I am your Jesus,
Savior of the World

Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration, following the Rosary,
As I was saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet