Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Just Tell The Remnant I Love Them.

I love you. I do want to speak to not only you, but also to My dear Remnant. You have loved Me and you have listened to My words for some time. This place, the Adoration Chapel is a place where you come to pray and seek not only Me but My Mother. We are here for you now as we have always been. As the days become rapidly darker, as the world\’s wicked bond together and become one with not only the False Prophet but also with the Most Unholy of all, the Anti-Christ. You My Remnant will need to bind yourselves close to me, prayer is always the way to do this.

Repent children, begin your day on your knees and ask My forgiveness, then proceed through your day with prayer. There is not enough prayer to stop the evil that has engulfed your world. What you are about to witness in your lifetime and in just a short time, will not only shock you but it will devastate you deep into your heart and soul. You will grieve the loss of religious freedom as well as the loss of all your freedom. I tell you this now to prepare you. I am your Jesus, I love you. I want you to know I am with you in this and through this. It is as you have always said, do not go through this alone, take Me with you into this battle. Remember, Satan can not win.

Pray My Remnant Pray and I will rise up in you. I will be with you on this road to the New Jerusalem. Paradise is waiting for you and I your Jesus am at the threshold. Fear nothing, remain focused on Me and My abiding love for you, all of my Remnant. Remember you do the praying, I will do the rest. Continue to pray for the martyrs to come. You just tell the Remnant, I love them.

That is all, My dear little one.
Savior of the World

Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary