Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


I returned to the new Adoration Chapel today and there I had the following Locution:
\”You see that the man is sleeping ( there was a man who fell asleep and was snoring in the Adoration Chapel) this is the way the world is today. They do not know or understand, time is running out. My Son, your Jesus is coming soon, there is but little time. Pray my children pray, yes for your families, for the children, pray also for your countries, war is going to happen there is not enough prayer to stop it.
The Warning is not far off, repentance is important. As Jesus told you in the messages, Confession for Catholics, and daily repentance for others.
Remind the Remnant that we love them and that they must never feel abandoned. We remain with each one of you. The great day is coming, the day my Son returns, prepare your hearts and souls.\”
From: Mary the Blessed Mother to Michele Shannon 2/25/2015