Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


I went to another new Church in the area I moved to and found the sweetest Adoration Chapel ever! There was also a Mary alter, to pray the rosary with candles all around. It was wonderful to see all the people who came to adore Jesus before Mass. The chapel was crowded with people who came to love on Jesus! So beautiful, so peaceful there I had two locutions, one from Mary and one from Jesus. Mary spoke to me about how my whole life was leading me to this place and that it was there that she would speak to me, that I need to return often. I know I will have more for you from Mary. Then Jesus spoke to my soul, He said that I would see evil at it\’s worse in these days, but that I was not to fear because it would not continue long that it would soon cease to exist. He said that He would be with me.
Michele Shannon 2/22/15