Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

When to Leave

There are many changes in the Mass. I did not lead them on this. I am not happy about this at all. You are right, they follow the Government who follows the Beast. Remember what it was My Father said, when He instructed you to “come out” of the last place?

Self: (I responded) “I do not want you there.”

Ok and so it is, I do not want you there. They lead the lamb to slaughter. I am still there but I will not be there much longer. You should not go back. You are too sensitive, I will not put you through it. You are right, it is a personal choice, (when to leave) and the others will know when I have gone. That is all. Know when you return home that final time, I am there with you, with-in your hearts. Peace be with you all.

I am Jesus who came to save the world.
Interior Locution 09/27/20
Jesus to Michele Shannon