Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

How You Will Handle This

These people were given free will. We need to leave them to it. I gave you free will did I not? They have chosen poorly. They trusted in a man; yes, a man much like them, this is correct. This is about how you will handle this. Those who made poor choices have consequences and the delusion is just the beginning.

You are right to make every effort to take the focus off those who are deluded. Again, focus on Me and the joy you have in the knowledge of salvation. Do not engage with them as there is little time left.

What you are witnessing is Hell on Earth, of course it is unpleasant and it will only get worse my little one. Stay close to me now and tell the others, I ask them to do the same. That is all, My Love is with you, My Peace is with you. Focus on how this will end.

Savior of the World
I love you My Bride
Interior Locution 08/27/20
Jesus to Michele Shannon