Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Mother’s Day

We are alone Michele and I want you to write.

You want to speak on Mother’s Day, it is an important day. It is an important subject, the love of a mother. My Mother’s love meant everything to Me. Her love was pure, honest, and selfless. Most important it came with an understanding that the love she provided Me, was coming through her, from God our Holy Father in Heaven. He was my Father in a unique way but He, as you know is Father to us all.

A mother’s pure love brings Glory to God. When a mother who follows Me, Jesus Christ loves her children she is a testimony to the world of a love that brings Glory to God. Her children may not always understand or appreciate her. The beauty in this is God understands and one day it will be reveal to them. This kind of love is between a Mother and God first. It is a beautiful wonderful dynamic. Love for anyone should be this way, you do it (love) not for the one you love. You do this because this is what you are made of. You give honest love from God because you are cut from the same cloth as I Am (Jesus).

You are a good Mother Michele, you bring Glory to God. Tell the others, those Mother’s who love Me, My Father sees them and the love they deliver to the children. He sees the honor it brings back to Him and He is delighted. This Christ centered Mother’s love is an important contribution to the world. It is a noble work. From Me, My Mother and Father, Happy Mother’s Day

Jesus, Savior of the World
Pray for the Salvation of Souls

Interior Locution 05/12/2018
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Repentance and Rosary