Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Soon We Will Begin Again

I want to tell you that the world is going to change soon. Do not become so caught up in life that you forget what I am preparing you for. You will witness in your life what no other generation has seen. You will be given amazing opportunity to change the course of the souls who would other wise perish. Many of My Remnant are responsible for the conversion of others and there will be rewards for this. I know you are not in this for rewards but they will be there for you just the same. You know how this works; prayer and suffering bring forth transformation, allow the suffering to transform the soul. Offer all suffering to Me your Jesus.

Let this bring you closer to Me. I will bring you peace and peace will become your dearest friend. Michele, you suffer much for My Name, many rewards are already set aside for you and for My Remnant. My Remnant hear Me in the midst of your faltering world. Dear sweet children I hear you cry out to Me. I hear your prayers, you seek Me and I am with you. Some of you understand this while others do not know, always I am with you, to the end of evil.

Soon we will begin again, repeat that, \”soon we will begin again,\” focus on these words. Keep busy doing the work of My Father, your Father in Heaven, do all that brings glory to God and in the darkest days He will anoint you and bring peace to your soul.

That is all Michele, Peace to you and all of My Holy Remnant. Worry about nothing, pray about everything and peace will be yours.
I am the one who saves.

Interior Locution 04/22/2018
In the Evening following the Rosary and Latin Mass