Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Time Is Up

Time is up.
Please write this Michele, the days that are left are numbered. I am coming for My Bride, The Church. The day is at hand. I came to love you; with My Mercy, which is love. I am here for you because of My Father, The Father to us all sent Me to redeem the world because of sin. It was love that the Father of us all was offering you when he brought Me into the world. So much love was poured out upon man, and so few are able to receive the love the Father has provided you.

You understand this, in the bitter times you are embraced by the love of not only My Father you are embraced also by My Love and Mercy. You share it openly with others, this Michele brings Me great joy. Yes, the others, I want them Michele to know what joy they bring Me. You My Remnant are My Bride, you are the Bride of Christ. We are one body, one soul. And know this, WE ARE THE LOVE OF THE FATHER, our Father which art in Heaven. (note: at this point the church bells rang out, while the bells rang I was looking at a picture of Jesus). I will see you very soon, you have done all I have asked of you.

Jesus Savior of the World
In Adoration following ten minutes of Repentance
Divine Mercy Chaplet and a portion of the Rosary
Jesus began to speak to my soul before it was completed