Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


I am here with you now. It is a long journey, a long road you have taken and a bit more to go. Following in My ways, following on this path is much like walking in the thickets with many thorns and briers. Yet happily you go, \”all in a day\’s work\” you say and so it goes.

To your point in keeping the upper hand, you were so right when you spoke of this and let\’s do speak to this. As you My warriors discussed last evening Satan attacks the fierce warriors the most and the hardest. You need to be ready at all times, ready to fight each demon, each attack. It is as you said, My fierce warriors must keep the upper hand. You will do this as you have always done this, we fight this battle through prayer, keeping in mind that the Holy Rosary is your most powerful weapon. A sword and a shield for even the smallest of warriors against the gigantic mightiest demon Satan; who is rendered powerless before a single Rosary. Do as My Mother asked of you when she said, \”Fight Children of the Light, You the few who can see.\” (Our Lady of La Salette) In this way you keep the upper hand.

I am always with you.
Jesus Savior of the World
Prepare My warriors for battle!

Interior Locution 6/16/2017
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary