Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

You Must Let Them Go

In regards to having to step back from several friendships with those who do not understand my faith and my mission.
This will be relevant to many in the Remnant Army.

\”I tell you this, these people have never understood you, they were brought into your life for a purpose. They have served an important purpose in your life and you in theirs. They have limited understanding of Me (Jesus) and they do not understand your mission. Their egos prevent them from accepting these truths that you have long understood. It is painful for you to let go of your friends. Know this, when you become fully immersed in My Mystical Body few will understand. Also important for you and those of My Remnant is this, you must let them go if you are to help them make their way to My Father. Too many who say they love Me are living a terrible lie, living for the world rather than for Me. The closer you are in union with My Sacred Heart the better you will be able to love your friends by praying for the Salvation of their souls. Never judging them but having the knowledge that while saying they love Me they live the dark double life as empty souls too caught up in \”the world.\”
Carry on in union with My Sacred Heart along with My Mother and those of the Remnant praying always for the Salvation of souls.\”
Always, Your Jesus
Interior Locution, Jesus to Michele Shannon
9-7-15 In Adoration following the Rosary