Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Leaders Of Your Country

I want to talk to you about your leaders, the leaders of your country, the one you are most concerned about is not to be trusted. It is as you say and you are right because I have revealed this to you. There is a wicked and corrupt force behind these people and they are led by Satan. The world as you have known it is changing rapidly. Good Godly leadership has fallen away and you will not have this again. It is best that my Remnant know this and prepare for the worst kind of leadership. This is about getting your spiritual house in order. This is about preparing your hearts for the Illumination of Conscience as well as My Second Coming which will be very soon.

Rest in the knowledge that I am with you always and at the end of this ordeal you will bask in the light of not only My Love but also My Father\’s Love. Remember this must happen to divide the wicked from the good, and yes this is a personal choice.

That is all Michele.
Interior Locution Jesus to Michele Shannon
8/12/2015 In Adoration