Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Praying for souls is your job.

I see that you are tired and I know that this is difficult; seeing the world as it is today, seeing the world through my eyes. It makes you weary to the point you would want to weep but tears fail you, they will not come forth. You are feeling the burdens of My heart. We are united as one soul. We have one in the same mission. It is through prayer my dear little one, remain vigilant and remind all the others my Holy Remnant Army to pray. Prayer is how we will win souls who otherwise would not be able to save themselves.

You were right when you said you would not be able to save the world by yourself but you would certainly try. This saving the world is my job, remember this but tell the world about it and praying for souls is your job, you and the Remnant. Pray the prayers I have given you, make time everyday for these prayers. Never get discouraged, remember as I have told you, pray and I will take care of the rest.

Thank you for your devotion to Me and My Mother. Your love consoles us both. We are also weary in these times, your love and adoration bring us new hope.

(Then it became very quite.)

Let me love you, just let me love you Michele.
That is all.

Jesus Savior of the World
Interior Locution from Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration, following the Rosary
July 1, 2015