Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions


This is about Marriage, I am your Jesus speaking on behalf of our Father, God the Almighty. Marriage is about love first and for most, it is about the love of God, it is this love that is meant to be shared. And as your daughter and her betrothed are joined as one this is a sacred and holy event. In or out of Church when a man or woman commit their love, that part of them that is the power and light of the God, it is important that everyone present ask God to bless their love.

Many do not understand that God is love and so we encourage you to pray for them. It is a learning curve you call it. Give them the time and space they need to learn. Most important give them love which is God. People in love have always needed prayers but in these times they need them now more than ever. Prayer which is love will see this couple through, expect this to work out, belief in their love is what my Father is asking you.

Enjoy this day, enjoy their love, and keep mindful their love is blessed by God as you have insisted and persisted in prayer. Know also love that is blessed by God also glorifies Him , teach the children this.

Jesus Savior of the World
Interior Locution, Jesus to Michele Shannon 5/25/15
On the occasion of my Daughters marriage.