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Christ Love

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Interior Locution from Jesus:
“Today what we want to do is talk about love, “Christ Love” for fellow man. As man faces great turmoil in the way of natural disasters and war, many will turn back to Me. Many will realize they need Me(Jesus) in their lives. What I want to do is encourage them to have a relationship with Me, many do not understand how to do that. You my little one, are going to help Me with this.
It is really very easy, often people make the simple things difficult. It begins with time, people need to give me time. Quality relationships begin with time spent alone together. So tell them, I am asking them to spend quite time with me. Just sit and be quiet and love me and let me love you.
That is all we will talk about today. Next time we will talk about prayer.
Thank you Michele, Jesus loves you.”
” Jesus Savior of the World”

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