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Book Reviews:

\”The match is lit and the kindling is burning, the fire has started it\’s catching! My book is taking off, there is going to be a
BONFIRE! In the fire I see the light of emotional healing, Praise God!\”
Michele Shannon


\”Child of the Universe\” is perhaps the most brutally honest autobiography I have read. Having known Michele during her high school years
I can vouch for some of the things she discusses that I knew happened. Many of the other events came as a surprise and a shock,
but showed the strength and courage she had to overcome many of the obstacles in her life.\”
Rusty Wilson
Columbus, OH

\”Great book, enjoyed reading it so much, you can not put it down. Very interesting…a testimony of a lady\’s life…and the important role God can play
in our life and how God and Jesus are the only source of real fulfillment…a must read!
Laura Klumb Corso
Flowood, MS

\”Child Of the Universe\” is a fantastic book and I would recommended it to anybody… it\’s a must read. After only the first few words I had to keep reading,
I could not put it down. The book is an inspiration to me and makes me feel differently about life and other people. I love the story! It\’s just fantastic,
I look forward to your next one. Great job!
Becca Louise

\”Fabulous book, a must read, loved it, couldn\’t put it down! I know I said it before but I want you all to know how
wonderful this book is!\”
Stef Keefer McClain

\”Child of the Universe is written in a straightforward, honest, and engaging style. The content and message are refreshing
and uplifting pointing toward the truth with regards to faith and the role it plays in our lives. Michele Shannon\’s life
experiences provide evidence for the need for God and a higher purpose in our lives.\”
Amelia Reiling

\”Hey! I just saw your status about a new book?! Awesome!! I am sure Laura told you that I\’ve been reading your new book
and I really liked the message you sent. Basically I really liked your book, ha ha can\’t wait to read the next one.\”
Liz Kenny

\”A must read. I got mine this week-end and it is so amazing but yet changes some things about the way you think about yourself and others.
You never know anyone like you think and the pain they might be in but come through it all. Buy it and enjoy. Highly thumbs up from me.\”
Stef Keefer McClain

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