Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

The Fire Is Coming

I am here with you now and I have word. Let us begin, the other watchmen have heard and you are hearing from Me as well. I have much to say and there is much to fear because the Spirit of Evil is in a fury and the madness has begun. That is nothing in the sight of the Wrath of God. You are correct when you speak of this that both are coming to America.

You asked them to repent, you sounded the alarm as you say, many times. But only the Remnant kneel, pray and repent. You speak to the choir and only they respond.
My Bride, the Holy Remnant continue to remind them also to pray The Seal of the Living God.

The fire is coming, there will be ferocious burning in the hearts and souls and this is The Warning. Prepare, again as you say, prepare your souls first. (Me: crying, \”Oh Jesus!)
I know, on some level you must maintain peace over this as you are in My Heart through all of this. I love all of you, My Bride. Prepare all of you, knowing I am coming and the Wedding Feast will follow, confident of this.

You belong to Me, no one has said this more than you. Remind the others it is good for them to hear it, they can not be reminded too often. Child you have stayed the course, just a bit longer. Keep your eyes fixed on My Sacred Heart which is My Love for you.

You will see things, the likes you have never seen before, it will change all of you. The time has come to put away your old selves, to know the truth of all that is The Spirit of Evil, The Wrath of God and the Love that is Jesus Christ, your Savior. It is I who came to save you from your sins. I came to redeem the world.

Prepare, repent, pray for those who will not listen, there are many among you. This will all be so much more difficult for them. That is all, remind them again, I love them. Thank you Michele, My littlest, you are a great warrior. (Me: Thank you Jesus)

Interior Locution: 07/14/2020
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In time of Prayer and Repentance