Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Windows Are Going to Close

Windows are going to close, like lock down in a panic room. People, souls will be locked in and alone with their sins. Yes child, forced to be alone with their sins. Tell everyone the time has come to get on your knees. Choices are being made right now for all eternity. Child, souls will live with decisions they make or do not make, they will live with this choice for all eternity.

(There was a beautiful personal note for me and my loved ones here.)

Tell everyone, very little time is left. If you knew what is coming you would stop what you are doing and give your lives to Me, your Jesus. “Love on Me” entirely as you say. Remain with the ones you love. Live in accord with My Will. Do not allow distractions to deceive you or mislead you. Keep to yourself, remain with only those few that you trust. I forgive all those who ask this of Me but only those who ask will receive My Mercy. It is a rude awakening to come, see that you tell the others.

Jesus Christ
Interior Locution 01/21/2020
Jesus to Michele Shannon following Repentance and Prayer