Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

The Vigil

Michele, I want to speak to the Remnant through you today. Most are getting tired, often the Holidays wear one down but this year is different it is \”the world.\” People, My Remnant in particular are getting tired, they are tired of the world. In some ways this is good, you are ready to return home to Me. I am ready to welcome each one of you who have loved Me in your life. I want to receive you into My arms and into My heart.

Time, is in your world; about time, soon children soon. Continue to pray, pray for the Salvation of Souls, which is the mission. And you are absolutely correct about too much distress over family and friends who have little or no concern for the sake of their own soul. You are correct to pray over these souls and leave them in My hands. You are right when you say, too much time is wasted with concerns over these souls. This has taken much time away from your focus on Me, your Jesus. This again is how the evil one detains you. It is very much a dance he engages you in. Pray for them yes, of course, then turn your eyes on Me. Let those you love see My light reflected in your eyes.

Fast and Pray children, I will be with you much sooner than you realize. I am looking forward to being face to face with you. You have had much time to prepare, let no man let down their guard. Soon, I tell you soon. Finally, I love you, I love each one of My Remnant more than I can say with words. My Light, My Love are the vigil that burns for all souls, you and those among you.

That is all Michele, you my littlest but most fierce warrior.
Jesus, Savior of the World

Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following 10 minutes of Repentance,
Divine Mercy Chaplet