Michele Shannon

Interior Locutions

Prayer, bring it on!

I know you love Me, it means everything to Me that you do. My Father, the Father to us all is angry with the wickedness of your world. The sins of man bring me a great deal of sadness more than My Mother and I can bear at times. It is you that brings me joy in the midst of such evil beyond measure. You and all My Remnant your love and prayers lift up My heavy heart in just the way that Simon lifted up and carried My Cross.

I will bring you and the Remnant many blessings, many to help you along the way. The way of the Cross is never easy and most of you are well aware, the reward will be great when you are united with Me and the Father. I see many of you getting tired and discussing this among yourselves. Pray for one another this will help you more than you know. I am doing everything I can to reach those you love to answer your prayers for conversion. Continue to pray and be aware that we deal with strong opposition. The Warning will be soon and it will bring forth earth shattering change. As you read today, prepare your souls first and then pray unceasingly for the others. And in your words, which I love; when it comes to prayer \”bring it on, bring it on!\”

Jesus Savior of the World
Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon 8/17/16
In Adoration while saying the Rosary following Divine Mercy Chaplet