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The Pain That Presses Deep

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Someone had given me a picture of Jesus (I knew that the Lord had led this person to send the picture to me.) I was looking at the image of Jesus in Adoration, in my heart I spoke to Jesus, “Dear Sweet Jesus, I love you, I look at this picture, I look in your eyes, you are not happy. You are not happy right now, I see it.”

Then Jesus spoke to me: “No child I am not; the sins of man break my heart, this is true but the pain that presses deep is the way those who love Me, My clergy, My sacred servants will deny Me. With their betrayal each will steel many, many souls away from Me and My Father. Child these times you live in, they are the darkest of days. You must continue to pray and confession is very important for all My dear Remnant. The battle is becoming more fierce and I call up my best soldiers (you among them) to press on. As My old wounds are opened again with the destruction of my Church, which is My Mystical Body I can not hold back the pain and sadness you see in My eyes. Know My Mother weeps heavy tears of sorrow.

Once again My Remnant must know I love them and that each and every Rosary said, all prayers which I have given you console us both. Remember we will all be together soon, let this console you. In the darkness let each prayer light your way.

Jesus Your Savior
Savior of Mankind

Then He said to me, “That is all Michele”
And added:
“Continue to wear the Red Shoes* there will be many more martyrs, pray for them.”

*Red Shoes are being worn to Church in the tradition of the last true Pope in observance of the Martyrs who died for Christ.

Interior Locution
In Adoration following the Rosary
Jesus to Michele Shannon

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