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I want you to know I fully understand how difficult this is, living in these times. And you are right, sometimes it is necessary to shut out the world and retreat to your interior life. Very few people, souls do this; spend time alone with Me and remain focused on your mission of Salvation. Few really understand we are in the final hours. It is very much like the ball dropping in Time Square on the Eve of a New Year, that will not happen again. This is a time of many last, “the last time you will do this” and also a time of, “that will never happen again.” Doors are closing quickly and soon abruptly, you will see abrupt like you have never seen before.

Listen to Me, I Am Forever, cling to Me in the world of wickedness and despair I Am your Anchor. Remain focused on Me and pray. You can not pray too much. Do not let the world discourage you. What you are facing now is what I have been preparing you for. FIGHT MIGHTY WARRIORS like you have never fought before, fight with prayer and love. That is all Michele, I love you and My Remnant with every fiber of My most Sacred Heart.

Jesus, Savior of the World

Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon 10/26/2016
In Adoration following the Rosary
after fasting, much prayer and Confession


Be Ready For Anything

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There is so much chatter among my Holy Remnant, over so many things that it is impossible for Me to clarify or straighten out any errors in interpretation. I know often times many come to you for these things. Avoid this when you can and I would say most often you do. Remind all My Remnant that while it is human nature to have many questions, I have told you already what I want you to know. What you do not know, you do not need to know. If I wish to let you know, trust Me I will let you know by means you are already familiar with, as now given in this message to you.

Beyond that, know that things are now happening quickly. Prepare your hearts and souls as well as your homes. Be ready for anything, at anytime. Trust Me My Remnant as I Am the only one you can trust. Hold on to your love for Me and My Mother. She is waiting for all who seek refugee within her sacred heart.

My Most Holy Remnant, the cup of My suffering will be poured out upon you. These times will be difficult, let Me lead the way. Let Me be the light in the darkness and these are the darkest of days. Your prayers, the prayers of My Mother (Rosary) they are how you leave the light on for others. Leave it to burn bright, leave these prayers and the light to rest in your heart day and night. This vigil, that can not, will not cease; Remnant, until I return for you.

Jesus Savior of the World
Thank you Michele

Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon 10/14/2016
In Adoration following the Rosary


Behold Thy Mother

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Yes Michele, I have heard you pleas for knowledge, I am here with wisdom and word. You are right, I did request that My followers behold thy Mother and yes this meant I want you to love and honor her. I know it concerns you a great deal that many of those who follow Me do not understand the importance of loving My Mother, Blessed Mother, Mother to us all. There are several things I want my followers to know. I loved My Mother first. My love for My Mother was a deep rich love as you could imagine. You Michele have a Son, you spent time with him this day, you lit a candle for him before My Mother and you pray for him everyday as well as your other children. The point is, you understand the bond we have.

What you could never understand but yet you empathize often is, just what torment Mother endured as she stood by and witnessed what unspeakable thing had to happen to Me for the sake of the sinful nature of man, for the salvation of souls. Mother was a victim soul as are many of the Remnant Army. We want to encourage all who follow Me especially those other than Catholics to open their hearts to the Blessed Mother, in doing this they indeed become more like Me, Jesus. This is a way to become more Christ like and yes closer to God which is the goal, absolutely.

Explain the Rosary to them please. That is all Michele, you are special in my sight. All My Remnant are held close to my heart; those who pray My Mother’s prayers and petition through My Mother’s intercession. Love My Mother and you Love Me, Love Me and you will love My Mother.

Thank you Michele.
Jesus Christ

Interior Locution 9/13/2016
Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary

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