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One Holy Family

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No one comes to the Father but through Me, you understand this but many do not. Many of My Remnant are very frustrated with those around them who do not live lives that reflect this truth. Yes, many say they love Me yet they are much too caught up in the trappings of your world to
prove their love for Me is true.

Prayer is always the answer, prayer is always the way. Take your prayers to My Mother, she is your Mother too. She will pray with you and bring your intentions to Me. We are a family, My Mother, My Remnant and Myself along with our Heavenly Father and of course the most Holy Spirit who as you would say, ties this all up with a bow. I want you and My Remnant to think in terms of this, we are One Holy Family. Continue to pray for the Salvation of Souls so we can bring the rest of the family home.

God bless you My Remnant.
Thank you Michele.
(My thoughts went to the Martyrs to come.)
Yes; pray, pray, pray for the Martyrs to come.
That is all.

Jesus, Your Savior

Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary

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