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Repentance and love are like a sword to fight evil.

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I will come in the darkness out of the Heavens the Host of Angels will sing. Michael (the Arch Angel) will be with me. The world will be in disbelief, the wicked will tremble and the righteous will cry out for joy. Love will be your chariot, out of the chaos of the old world you will be ushered into the New Paradise. Things will be moving swiftly now. Tell everyone to prepare their hearts to get ready their families. Prepare your hearts and souls, The Warning will come first. Repentance and love for me Jesus your Savior, Savior of the World. Repentance and Love are like a sword to fight evil, yes and prayer which is love. The bickering of course will not stop but you must move past it quickly and return to love, continue in peace and remember I love you.
Interior Locution in Adoration
Michele Shannon

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