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Good Friday

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This is for My Dear Remnant, there is no joy in My suffering and as we relive these, My darkest moments I am consoled by the love of the Remnant Army; the last of My faithful, those who truly love Me. Never forget how much I love you; to not only die for you but to suffer in such a way, to carry the cross which was the weight of the world. Now you carry this weight with Me, the burden of the knowledge of the sins of man in these last days. From here on out the darkness ensues. The darkness which is sin will bring forth the Anti-Christ. Truly it will be about choice, not all souls will choose Me, Jesus; not all will be with me in Paradise.

You my Remnant must pray your Rosary, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Crusade Prayers each day until my return, these are the weapons of fierce warriors of Mine. Remind them Michele, they do not need to be Catholic to pray these prayers. I am asking everyone to Repent and accept My Mercy. Catholics must go to Confession and attend Mass.

Thank you for coming today, yes of course Adoration is the best part of all, until I return. I love you My Dear Precious Remnant.

Your Jesus
Your Savior

Jesus to Michele Shannon
In Adoration following the Rosary
(with instructions to release on Good Friday)


Rosary - Powerful Weapon

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We want to talk about My Mother, Mother to us all. She is sad these days most assured, the darkness of your world creates a darkness that is hard for her to look upon. Souls are in dyer need of prayers, as you are aware. The Rosary is one of the Remnant’s most powerful weapons. Pray this every day until My return, pray for your families. If possible pray the Rosary together, much good will come from this. If family members do not wish to join in, know this they are most certainly in great need of your prayers. Pray the Rosary for them each day. These prayers will bring your families closer together and these prayers will save many souls.

If you knew the darkness that lies ahead, I would not need to ask that you pray, believe me dear child. I truly want to protect you Michele from what horrors there are in Hell. (Note: I understood that Jesus did not want to talk about this to protect me from knowing.) Trust Me and send your petitions for those you love to Me through My Mother in the most beautiful Rosary. When you do it fills her with hope and brings her peace. It takes her to a place of renewed confidence in humanity. It brings My Mother joy and the joy in her lights My Sacred Heart. It is this light and love brought forth by you that opens their hearts to conversion.

Pray as you have never prayed before, the battle is raging! I am with you fierce warriors of Mine.
Jesus Savior of the World

Interior Locution
Jesus to Michele Shannon 3/16/2016 After Confession,
In Adoration, following the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.



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I want to talk to you Michele, today is about persecution. Many of my Remnant are dealing with persecution; many fully understand why this is happening to them, as you do. It is as you said as you spoke to them of this and it was the Holy Spirit that was leading you at that time. You talked about how those in the Remnant need to understand, “You signed on for this (persecution).”
This is part of being one of my Holy Remnant, yes fierce warriors of Mine. And yes you must remember to offer this sacrifice for Me, Jesus. When you do so many things happen; souls are saved, but also you are taken into my shoulder of protection. I will always draw you into my sacred heart. This is why it is important to accept assaults gracefully because if you do not, but instead lash out and retaliate then you immediately withdrawl or retreat from me; not what either of us want. We both know the one who desires this is the Spirit of Evil.
That is all, go My child share this and all My love with the Remnant, My Remnant.
You are My fierce warrior and the Light of God and all His Angels are the power that all who oppose you must reckon with.
The above was from Jesus

You my child, My little one are blessed and protected. Carry on the battle has only just begun. We need all prayer warriors to prepare for the greatest battle. Put on your armor and pray for the Salvation of Souls. And do not neglect prayer for those who persecute you.
Your loving Father - God The Most High

Interior Locution
Jesus/God to Michele Shannon
Following the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet w/ two hours in Adoration

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