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From God and Mary

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Dear Child,
Know this, know that whatever I share with you it is for others too. Others need to know that the world is changing as we speak, it is changing very rapidly.
It is becoming very wicked, where once it was a world filled with love it is now immersed in wickedness. As you read in your Holy Bible, you are not to fear,
there is no need to worry this will go very quickly. As you know you will want to keep your eyes fixed on My Beloved Son, Jesus your Savior, The Savior of the World. Speak of Him often, do not let people forget Jesus loves them.

God The Father
Interior Locution in Adoration following the Rosary
Michele Shannon

Michele Child,
I have the desire to speak with you. Jesus is speaking to my heart and telling me of His great love for you. He knows your struggles in the life of yours, that they are many. He knows that you have persevered, that you continue to carry a cross for Him. He wants to acknowledge that you carry it better than you ever have, you are more exhausted but you complain far less. You have matured in your spiritual journey and he is very proud to be your Savior. You express to Him Holy Love, He is smiling upon us now. He adds , He is very pleased with your open heart of love toward me your Mother Mary. When you go for rest tonight, rest upon this thought, your bold love for the both of us is being returned to you many times over, and peace abides in you and joy is ours eternal.

Mary, The Blessed Mother of Salvation
Additional Interior Locution in Adoration following the Rosary
Michele Shannon


The Children

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What we would like to talk about is the children. There are two important ways to prepare God’s children for the days to come. These days are evil in such a way as days have never been evil before. Our children need to be protected. First all families should pray the Seal of The Living God, for His Seal which will be placed upon each forehead. Pray this prayer together daily and when this is not possible pray this prayer for yourselves and your children. All parents and grandparents need to pray for their children often. I can in no way express all the wonderful graces and important blessings that come from praying daily for our precious children. It has always been important but with the world as it is, it is in this critical time it is absolutely essential.

Also important, speak of my Son, Jesus. Speak of Him often and talk freely of my Son’s love for them. Make it known how much Jesus loves them. Make certain that you show them Christ love with the way you speak and act not only toward them but toward everyone. This may not sound like much but it is so very important to the souls of our children who should be your first concern in these dark times. Bring forth the light, the light of my child Jesus. The light of His Holy Love, the light of Salvation will far out shine the spirit of evil and all his lies.

My love goes with you, as well as my Son’s Blessings upon your children, to those who read this and act upon it.
Mary, The Mother of God

This Interior Locution came to me in Adoration while saying the Rosary.



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I want to talk about love, love between Me and each soul. Love, real love is not an easy thing to attain in your world. Most people (souls) do not understand love, you discussed love in your book. Most people are too selfish, too ego driven to understand love. People who do not know me, do not love me, they do not understand love. I am love and Holy Love is or should be the goal. You speak of dysfunctional love, relationships that do not include me not only lack love but they lack light. The further one removes himself from Me the darker one becomes and therefore the darker their relationship.

Now having said this, the relationships where both are connected to My Sacred Heart can become corrupt when the Spirit of Evil is given a pathway. It is almost impossible to block him out, this is why couples must pray. Most often one of the two of them is “spiritually weak” and Satan will enter their love relationship through that soul. The stronger of the two must pray for that soul as long as they live; this is their assignment, this is love. Pray for them to truly find their way to my Sacred Heart and understanding Holy Love.

Yes, you are getting ahead of me with your thoughts it is as you wrote in your book. When one loves Me, Jesus then My light the Holy Spirit rises up in that soul and this love and light is given to others. When love is real the partner returns the Christ light, which is love back again. It is a never ending circle of love this is Holy Love, and Holy Love is the only love.

Love, Jesus

This Interior Locution came to me in adoration following praying the Rosary.
Michele Shannon

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