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I returned to the new Adoration Chapel today and there I had the following Locution:
“You see that the man is sleeping ( there was a man who fell asleep and was snoring in the Adoration Chapel) this is the way the world is today. They do not know or understand, time is running out. My Son, your Jesus is coming soon, there is but little time. Pray my children pray, yes for your families, for the children, pray also for your countries, war is going to happen there is not enough prayer to stop it.
The Warning is not far off, repentance is important. As Jesus told you in the messages, Confession for Catholics, and daily repentance for others.
Remind the Remnant that we love them and that they must never feel abandoned. We remain with each one of you. The great day is coming, the day my Son returns, prepare your hearts and souls.”
From: Mary the Blessed Mother to Michele Shannon 2/25/2015


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I went to another new Church in the area I moved to and found the sweetest Adoration Chapel ever! There was also a Mary alter, to pray the rosary with candles all around. It was wonderful to see all the people who came to adore Jesus before Mass. The chapel was crowded with people who came to love on Jesus! So beautiful, so peaceful there I had two locutions, one from Mary and one from Jesus. Mary spoke to me about how my whole life was leading me to this place and that it was there that she would speak to me, that I need to return often. I know I will have more for you from Mary. Then Jesus spoke to my soul, He said that I would see evil at it’s worse in these days, but that I was not to fear because it would not continue long that it would soon cease to exist. He said that He would be with me.
Michele Shannon 2/22/15

About/On Locutions

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To my dear friends in the Remnant Army,

I have been receiving interior locutions for more than twenty years, it is a blessing and a very big responsibility. I am very grateful to have this gift and it is a gift that I have been given, through the grace of God. I do not feel I am deserving of this gift. Like all of us; I am a sinner, a wretched sinner, I have made many mistakes in my life and many more poor choices. I think also significant, is the fact that I am without question a “victim soul” and that the hardships were to strengthen and prepare me for this ministry work, my assignment as one of the many leaders in God’s Remnant Army. Through all my life I believed in God and the fundamental and traditional teachings of the Old Catholic Church. For many years of my life I was more of a liberal Catholic but I never left. I often said to others, I could never walk away from the Eucharist I always understood the Eucharist and it’s importance. Now I am a passionate Catholic; who truly loves my faith and my Church, the Old Church and the Old ways. Also important has been the fact that I read the Bible daily and have spent over 30 years involved in Christian studies.

The Church is changing rapidly, as is the world, these are dramatic changes I see, a New World Order is being formed the leadership of my country and my church are willing participants. What remains of the Old Catholic Church and those who believe; the “TRUTH” as given to us by Jesus Christ most importantly; “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes through the Father except by me.” And those who believe in the Christ Crucified concepts or Salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, we are a small and very select group of souls we are the Remnant Army of Jesus Christ.

And so they speak to my soul, Jesus, Mary and God the Father. I am not a prophet, these are just private interior locutions I share with you, what is laid upon my heart when one speaks to my soul. I pray and in the quiet I listen and then I share these thoughts with you the Remnant Army. Most of these Locutions come to me following the Rosary and while in Adoration. Always I remember, I am nothing and I am no one but a messenger and that each word is for the sake of the Glory of God! I praise Him, forever. And so I share these thoughts with you, that come from these Sacred Hearts because these thoughts and words are love and love is meant to be shared.

In the Name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Michele Shannon

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